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One of the most serious and complicated areas of law is criminal defense law. And while we believe that an experienced attorney is the best option in all manner of cases, it is perhaps most important when it comes this particular area. Something that many people seem to forget is that not only is your freedom on the line with criminal law cases, but so is your future. Convicted criminals often have a very difficult time finding work after they have been released, and can have an even harder time finding somewhere live. If you’d like to salvage your future and continue to live freely as you are accustomed, then it is important that you seek out an experienced criminal defense attorney in Illinois.

At Rigazio Law Office, we know criminal law. In fact, we have over 30 years of experience and fully understand how best to handle your case and how to present the facts in a way that works out in your favor. We work hard to ensure that your rights are upheld throughout the entire legal process, too, and you can rest assured that we will do everything in our power to see your charges reduced or dropped if possible.

What is criminal defense law?

Criminal defense law is an area of the legal industry that is concerned with the defense of alleged or convicted criminals. In the United States, criminal defense lawyers deal with a wide variety of processes. These include issues surrounding:

  • Criminal Investigation
  • Arrest
  • Criminal Charges
  • Appeals
  • Sentencing
  • Post-Trial Issues

It is not a stretch to say that your freedom rests in your criminal defense attorney’s hands, and it’s a good idea to hire an experienced one who is familiar with the kinds of charges that you are facing. Beyond that, however, it is a good idea for you to have a good understanding of the basic elements of criminal cases, too, so that you know what to expect.

What Does Bond Mean In Illinois?

When an individual is arrested in Illinois, bond must be posted in order to release them from custody. Should the arrest be for a misdemeanor, then typically they can post bail for the amount of $100. If an individual is arrested for an arrest warrant, then the amount at which bond is set will have been pre-determined by the judge assigned to that offense. In order to be released from police custody for any arrest warrant, the pre-determined bond amount will have to be paid.

Arrest Without A Warrant

Sometimes someone is arrested for an allegedly felony offense but with no warrants out for their arrest. In this instance, they will need to wait for a hearing in front of a judge in order for bond to be determined. They will not be released until the bond has been set by the judge and the cash amount has been paid.

Felony Charge Court Process

A felony crime is any crime that has the potential to send someone to the Illinois Department of Corrections via sentencing.


In general, all felony cases begin with arrest. Refer to the above section on this topic in which we describe the process as well as how bond is set and how much you might have to pay. We will add that should the individual arrested need to see a judge for bail to be set, you can expect that to happen within a day or so of the arrest. The purpose of this first court appearance is to set bail, file a criminal complaint, and set a future court date for arraignment. Before arraignment, however, you can expect to attend a hearing that is held in order to determine if probable cause exists to support the accusation of the charged crime.

Grand Jury

Grand juries convene to determine the existence of probable cause. The defendant is not a part of this process. In general, the prosecutor might have one or more witnesses testify before the jury and then the jury will deliberate. If they believe that probable cause exists, they will issue what is known as a bill of indictment. Note that it is fairly uncommon for a grand jury to not find probable cause.


During this hearing, the defense will receive the bill of indictment and the judge will order that the prosecution provide copies of police reports and any other material they might have pertaining to the case over to the defense. The case will then be assigned to a felony trial judge and a court date for the first appearance in front of the trial judge will be set.

From this point on, the process enters the pre-trial and trial phases, both of which are fairly complicated and are best discussed with an experienced attorney.

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