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Having a criminal record can seriously affect your life in ways that you might not have ever thought possible. From finding a job to finding a nice home to rent, a criminal record has the potential to stand in your way with every step that you take. Luckily enough, however, is that sometimes we are afforded second chances. And if you meet certain requirements, that might be exactly what you receive with an expungement.

At Rigazio Law Office, we know that having a criminal record can significantly impact the quality of your life. That’s why we are happy to work on your behalf to secure an expungement of your records. This will enable you to leave the past behind you and move on with your life towards a brighter future. And with more than 30 years of experience under our belts, we’d like to think that we have a pretty good grasp on the subject. Are you considering moving forward with the expungement process? If so, reach out and speak with one of our experienced staff members. We can help make the process a quick and easy one.

What is an expungement?

Your criminal record has information about your criminal charges, court records about your criminal case as well as its outcome, and even police records with information about your arrest. And because criminal records are publically accessible, potential employers, academic admissions counselors, and landlords could stand to find information about your past mistakes and deny you employment, housing, or admission based upon them.

An expungement, then, is a way to help you avoid these kinds of situations and enable you to move forward with your life. When your criminal record is expunged, the information that was on it is erased. It will no longer show up when potential employers do a background check on you, and you should be more readily able to leave those mistakes in the past. Note that not everyone is eligible for expungement, however, nor is every type of charge able to be expunged.

Can I expunge my criminal record?

Questions like this are very common, and that’s completely understandable. After all, if the possibility to have your records erased of past convictions exists, then why wouldn’t you want to pursue it? This is especially true as a criminal record can disqualify you from employment – permanently in certain fields – as well as your ability to obtain student loans and certain kinds of housing. Even if your records do not hold a conviction but rather a guilty charge, you could still find yourself disbarred from working in various fields, like teaching or law enforcement.

With that knowledge in mind, expunging your criminal record from its old cases is the best way to move on to your second chance and reclaim your life. If your request is approved, all records of your arrest will be destroyed. This includes police reports, booking photos, and fingerprints. Your case number and name will be erased from the office database of the circuit clerk as well. Law enforcement and the general public will now be unable to find your case.

It should be noted that you can only file to expunge those cases that were prosecuted in Illinois. Out-of-state and federal cases cannot be sealed or expunged.

If you are hoping to have your records expunged, here are some cases that might qualify:

  • TASC Probation for specific types of felony cases
  • Cases where charges were dismissed
  • Cases where a “not guilty” verdict was returned
  • First Offender Probation assigned for the felony possession of controlled substances (including marijuana)
  • Misdemeanor cases leading to court supervision

According to the Illinois 2014 Expungement Law, it is also possible to expunge certain felony drug offenses in the Class 4 category as well as retail theft, theft, or criminal damage in Class 3 or 4. Certain individuals who are faced with these charges might be able to receive a special kind of probation. If completed successfully, the probation can lead to your case being expunged.

The Expungement Process

In order to obtain an expungement of your criminal record, you must petition the course. Once it decides to remove your criminal and arrest record, you will no longer be required to disclose the prior arrest because it will effectively no longer exist as part of any public record. Additionally, it might be possible to get certain felony and misdemeanor convictions sealed, even if they cannot be expunged. This limits their audience to law enforcement.

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