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One of the most terrifying situations a parent or guardian can find themselves in is the realization that their child is in trouble with the law. Immediately, questions about the child’s future begin to flash through their minds. Will your child be able to attend college? Will they be sent to jail? What does this mean for your future? In order to answer these questions and help ensure that your child’s future is not negatively impacted by actions they took as a juvenile, it is important that you reach out to an experienced juvenile crimes criminal defense attorney as quickly as possible. You might not think that a criminal defense attorney is needed for a juvenile crime, but you would be surprised just how often they make all of the difference.

At Rigazio Law Office, we know that having a criminal record can significantly impact the quality of your life. In fact, it can seriously hinder your ability to pursue the kind of career you want, to live where you want, and even to obtain the kind of schooling that you want. With over 30 years of experience, our practiced attorneys understand how to handle juvenile crimes and how best to defend against them. This is true of minor crimes as well as more serious crimes like sexual assault, battery, or drug use.

Juvenile Court

One of our main goals here when it comes to handling juvenile cases is to keep the case firmly in juvenile court – to prevent it from moving on to adult court. This is the goal for a few different reasons. Juvenile court and punishment is geared towards rehabilitation rather than punishment, which means that your child is more likely to spend time learning about why what they did was wrong than they are locked behind bars. The adult court and punishment system, on the other hand, is geared towards punishment, which means that the sentences handed down are often much harsher than anything your child would face in juvenile court.

With that said, it is important to note that certain juvenile cases will be sent to adult court regardless of our efforts. This happens when the juvenile court makes the decision to relinquish their jurisdiction over the case. If the charge your child is facing is a serious one, like a weapons, sex, or drug-related offense, then it is possible they could be tried as an adult. That means that they would receive the same sentences that an adult would receive if they were being tried for that crime. The consequences this could have for your child as well as your family stand to be negative and numerous.

This is another reason why it is so important to hire an experienced attorney for your child. Don’t immediately assume that everything will be okay because they are a minor or that they deserve some form of punishment due to their crime. You might not like the punishment they ultimately receive, and by then it will be too difficult to even attempt to recover from the damage done. Instead, you should reach out to criminal defense attorneys experienced in juvenile law so that they can build a case and defense for your child and ensure they receive the most optimal result possible.

How are juveniles tried?

When an individual is younger than 17 years of age and commits a crime, they are deemed a “delinquent”. The juvenile court, then, works to correct that delinquency. This might mean juvenile detention, sometimes for behavior that seems relatively harmless, like truancy.

Juveniles tried in juvenile court stand before a judge. That is different from adult court in that there is no jury to determine your child’s guilt or innocence. There are certain complexities in juvenile law that can be used to either keep your child from behind bars, or to give them a harsher punishment than the one they deserve. An experienced attorney can help you ensure that those complexities are used to help, not harm, your child. Rigazio Law Office has a professional and experienced team of attorneys who will work with you to explain the consequences your child is facing and how to make sense of all of the information coming your way.

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