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Trucking is a career that necessitates that the drivers in question maintain full concentration of the road around them. This isn’t just for the sake of drivers around them, either. Truck driver drivers end up dealing with adverse weather conditions that change on a whim, wandering wildlife, and other motorists all while operating extremely big rigs that tend to be carrying dangerous and heavy loads. Any mistake made by a truck driver could end in devastation for everyone involved, including the truck driver themselves. It is for this reason, then, that it might seem like authorities perhaps take commercial driver’s licenses quite seriously. The stakes are simply too high to have someone who has shown that they are not capable of effective and safe driving techniques.

When it comes to hiring drivers, the driving records of applicants is often one of the most important factors that play into whether or not someone gets the job. Even beyond that, there are stringent requirements that drivers who wish to remain driving with a commercial driver’s license (CDL) must meet. And even more than that, there are some traffic violations that can negatively affect an individual’s ability to maintain their CDL – and that’s true for their personal vehicle as well as their commercial vehicle. For the truck driver, losing their CDL could very well mean an end to their career, so you can imagine how dire this situation feels for those going through it.

At Rigazio Law Office, we understand how much your CDL means to you and your life as well as your loved ones. We also know that driving mistakes you make while off the clock and in your own vehicle could result in the suspension or loss of the aforementioned license. Our skilled attorneys are familiar with this area of the law and are only too happy to work with you in order to ensure that you have the best chance possible of keeping your CDL firmly in place. With over 30 years of experience, you can count on our lawyers to argue passionately in your defense.

Do I really need a lawyer to protect my C.D.L.?

We hear this question a lot, and our honest answer is “yes”. In order to maintain your career, you must keep your CDL in place. Even a suspension could mean months of no work and no income for you and your family. And while you might think that you can handle the legal process on your own, you might be very surprised to find out that outcomes you thought might be favorable could still reflect negatively upon your driving record. Resolving your case on your own and obtaining a “non-conviction”, for example, might seem like it would be a good outcome for you. In reality, however, whatever traffic violation you are being accused of could still be considered a serious violation and could end with your CDL disqualified for a certain amount of time.

An experienced attorney, on the other hand, could help fight to have the charges dropped, resulting in no blemishes on your driving record altogether.

Traffic Violations

If you drive your commercial vehicle and end up ticketed for some kind of serious violation, you could receive a conviction or court supervision as a result. If that happens, you will face a number of consequences.

These include:

  • Your CDL could be disqualified for two months should you receive two serious violations within a three-year period
  • Your CDL could be disqualified for no less than four months if you end up with three serious violations within a three-year period assuming the violations are all from separate incidents
  • Federal regulations governing your CDL treat convictions and court supervisions the same, which means that if you receive a court supervision in Illinois (also known as a non-conviction) it will be treated as a conviction

If you are driving your personal vehicle and are ticketed for a traffic violation, your CDL could be in danger. If you end up with two serious violations that would result in the suspension of your regular driving privileges within a three-year period, your CDL could also be suspended for two months. Should you instead end up with three serious violations within a three-year period whose convictions would result in the suspension of your regular license, your CDL could be disqualified for at least four months.

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